translated from Spanish: Deputy Hernando: «Nobody here wants to destroy the President’s legacy, because there is no legacy»

«To confession of parties, relief of evidence», was the first conclusion given by Meps Marcela Hernando when referring to the interview of former Minister of Health Jaime Mañalich, in El Mercurio and which was known this Sunday.
For Dr. Hernando, situations remain the strategy implemented by the government since the covid’s arrival in Chile. «The minister expressly points out in his interview that he was the supreme director of the pandemic, because the president himself anointed him as such. He was even the ministerial coordinator, and therefore all decisions, including those of other ministries related to the pandemic, passed through him.»
«But former Minister Mañalich forgot that he worked with other professionals of the ministry itself, with much more experience and knowledge than he did in handling situations like this. It was further forgotten that Chile is a functioning country and that there are scientific societies, professional colleges and even parliamentarians that, in public health and knowledge of health networks, we have vast knowledge,» added the former health autrority.
Marcela Hernando further stated that «all these professionals felt violent, past to wear, uninuneted by the contumacia of the former minister and made it known at the time, were neither nor were we generals after the battle. They were frontline soldiers whom he never wanted to hear.»
The public health expert stated that «it was these professionals who immediately began to visualize inconsistencies and even the manifest intention to use the figures at their discretion, and that based on these manipulated figures she made decisions of isolation, pseudo quarantine, noisy traceability for the media, but ineffective as a health tool and finally, the well-known search for herd immunity. Just remember the sad episode of the «immunity card», the plateau and so many other health aberrations from which you will have to answer to the public.»
Ms Hernando stressed that in the former minister’s statements «it is absolutely clear that the strategy passed through the president and for him, therefore, to say now that «I do not feel responsible for the dead.» I find it unbecoming of a person who claims to have the guts to take on their responsibilities.»
«It is therefore inappropriate and unpresentable to want to publicly hold and crucify a civil servicewoman like Johana Acevedo, attributing to her a responsibility that is typical of the Minister of State,» the congresswoman from the Antofagasta Region narrowed down.
Finally, on Mañalich’s accusation that «there is an effort to destroy Piñera’s legacy» with the constitutional indictment, Deputy Hernando refuted her sayings, noting that «no one here wants to destroy the President’s legacy, because there is no legacy to destroy. What we are looking for is for those who have to assume their responsibilities to assume them. There are 16,000 dead of whom nearly half didn’t even die in hospitals or clinics. Where were they? Why did they die? What does the minister’s traceability tell us?»

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