translated from Spanish: Festivities: 18 deaths, 425 traffic accidents and 11,400 vehicles returned was the balance on roads

According to the report delivered by General Manuel Valdés, head of Transit Zone, Roads and Road Safety of Carabineros, between which corresponds to the margin between Thursday and this Sunday «more than 51 thousand vehicles have left the Metropolitan Region», which «represents a decrease of 89% of departures» compared to 2016, the last in which the Festivities were held during the same number of days as this 2020.Continuing with the contrasts Valdés noted that «compared to a weekend in pandemic, as it was in San Pedro and San Pablo, there was also an 8.1% decrease in vehicle departure.» There was also a decrease in the number of accidents, according to the authority «a quantity of 425 was recorded, which constitutes 55% less than the year 2016», and the same was the case with the number of deaths, reaching 18 deaths, 44% lower than in a normal year. General Valdés further noted that «11,400 vehicles had to be returned from the health cords nationwide, as they did not meet the justification for being able to cross them (…) In the Metropolitan Region alone, the number was 3,569 vehicles that had to be returned. There were also a number of 138 people detained for various reasons, the main one being that they did not have the justification or leave to leave.»

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