translated from Spanish: Germany: thousands march in Dusseldorf against masks

A new demonstration against restrictions imposed by the authorities to contain the advance of the coronavirus took place on Sunday (20.09.2020) in Germany. This time thousands of people gathered in Dusseldorf, where while they caused vehicular atochamientos and generated the generous deployment of police officers, there were no major incidents.
Protesters carried banners with slogans such as «end to panic, the coronavirus pandemic is a lie» and «crown-rebels.» Chants were also chanted against health measures, such as physical estating and masks, and there were signs of support for Julian Assange and other heterodox expressions that go beyond discomfort because of the need to cover his nose and mouth.
A regional branch of the so-called «Side Thinking Initiative» convened the demonstration, which according to calculations from the same organizers brought together about five thousand people. There was also a counter-demonstration, involving the mayor of Dusseldorf, Social Democrat Thomas Geisel, and his contender in next Sunday’s election, Christian Democrat Stephan Keller.

While there were some isolated fights, overall the marches were quiet. And while they don’t believe in the measures and their banners, they asked for hugs instead of distance, the protesters respected the regulations and maintained the 1.5 meters of separation demanded by the police. However, masks were almost unused, except for those carrying policemen and journalists covering the event.
The authorities had granted that protection should not be used on the face to the extent that the respective distance was maintained. The organizers had said they would bring together 50,000 people, which was a long way from coming true.
Heinrich Fucks, superintendent of the evangelical district of Dusseldorf, criticized that those who do not believe in the pandemic have no problem marching alongside right-wing radicals and Nazis. «That gives strength to the Nazis, who consciously use these manifestations for the benefit of their own goals,» the theologian said.

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