translated from Spanish: Support brownist affiliates to Torres Piña

Zitácuaro; Michoacán.- In a meeting with morenist affiliates of Zitácuaro, Tuxpan, Jungapeo, Ocampo Angangueo, Benito Juárez and Tuzantla, Federal Deputy Carlos Torres Piña received their determined endorsement; they also agreed to jointly promote the relevant organizational work for 4Q to reach Michoacán next year, with all the benefits of full agreement with the Government of the Republic.
During the intense work tour that included the municipalities of Tuxpan, Tuzantla and Huetamo, the Michoacan legislator pointed out that as part of this sum of efforts with the Morenist affiliates, a common route was established with the aim of integrating and multiplying Social Committees by Transformation, which will be organizational armour for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Fourth Transformation.
Torres Piña stated that the combination of efforts will help a lot in the spread of the Committees in the East, as well as in the Hot Land. We have to go together, he insisted.
The changes to come, he explained, go through the protection of the President of the Republic through a mobile territorial structure, which is built through 5 thousand Social Committees for Transformation, which are already integrated into the 113 municipalities of Michoacán.  Armor needed in the face of a series of hostile qualifiers, lies and external misinformation by those who benefited for 36 years from rapacious neoliberalism.
Therefore, and as opposed to systematic attacks on the President of the Republic, Torres Piña travels through the entity organizing a defense network.
It is clear that the beneficiaries of corruption have not understood, that the triumph and rise of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to power, represents a break with traditional politics, this is an unpublished process for Mexico. The proposal of 4th transformation marks the beginning of a change, where people’s hope is placed on a leader.
The conservative right doesn’t assimilate that people voted for AMLO because they got tired of them as usual, it got fed up with politicians who use politics and the public service to their advantage. The mafias of power are also reflected in many ways in Michoacán, change comes and will be inevitable because people want it.

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