translated from Spanish: They disrupt a gang that scamted through savings plans

A dangerous gang that scamged through savings plans was disrupted in recent hours by Bonaerense Police troops, after several raids in the towns of Gerli, Florencio Varela, Lanús, Quilmes and the City of Buenos Aires.Police sources reported that as a result of a thorough investigation by the Functional Instruction and Trial Unit number 8 of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora , with the help of police personnel of the Directorate of Economic Crimes under the Superintendency of Investigations of illicit drug trafficking and organized crime of the provincial force, a complex criminal organization dedicated to making frauds was disrupted through the alleged acquisition or underscrim of automotive savings plans. The band in question had national reach and had as a victim people interested in the subscription of a savings plan or who, having acquired a savings plan for the purchase of a vehicle zero kilometer, for different reasons had stopped paying.

«In this situation we asked people who have been scamming with savings plans of this kind throughout the country to approach or contact UFI number 8 lomas de Zamora to file the corresponding complaint, because we believe there are a lot of victims who were deceived by this gang,» said a police spokesman for News Argentinas.La maneuver was that the defendants , telephone calls were contacted with the victims with the aim of convincing them to make a deposit for a new plan or even to improve the conditions of the savings plan they subscribed to for the purchase of the vehicle originally. Once the potential customer was obtained, the band issued a payment coupon, with which the victims had to make the payment of the agreed fee, such money being credited to a Free Market account. That in the face of non-compliance with the surrender and claim of the victims, the fraudsters argued that everything was delayed by virtue of the health situation caused by the Covid-19.Following the complaint received in the Functional Unit of Instruction and Judgment (UFIyJ) number 8 specialized in economic crimes and Institutional Violence of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora -in charge of Sebastian Bisquert and assistant prosecutor Alejandro Alleno – in order to the crime of fraud , instructed staff of the Directorate of Economic Crimes under the Superintendency of Investigations into the Trafficking in Illicit Drugs and Organized Crime of the Bonaerense Police to carry out various investigative measures, in order to find the perpetrators of this fact.

Thus, with the tasks carried out and the wiretaps requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office it was determined that the manoeuvres were carried out mainly from a property located in the bonaerense town of Gerli, so from the data obtained eight raids were ordered at homes located in that area, in Lanús, Florencio Varela, Quilmes and Capital Federal.There could be found with all the perpetrators of the fact investigated , who were kidnapped a large number of telephone chips from different companies, cell phones, agendas and documentation of potential victims, brochures, payment coupons, computers and other technical media.

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