translated from Spanish: This is how Frena’s camp on Avenida Juarez dawned

The camp of the National Front Anti AMLO (Frena) dawned with few people, compared to the one that was installed this Saturday along Avenida Juárez, from Central Axis to Paseo de la Reforma.
The movement sought to occupy the capital plinth until the representative resigned. But capital police prevented them from passing through. 
Read: March against AMLO and set up camps in Juarez; CDMX police prevented them from reaching the Zocalo
Now the camp is surrounded by policemen who guard every street that overlooks Avenida Juárez, as well as Central Axis, Reforma and Balderas.

By the installation of the camp there is no Metrobus service of Lines 3 and 4 that cross this area of the center.
This morning there are at least 500 cottages along the avenue but no more than 60 people were observed between the camp and those who were trained to receive breakfast: a tamal, atole and a fruit (banana or orange).

In Avenida Hidalgo, a road parallel to Juárez, are the trucks that transported the policemen and are also closed to circulation. 
The members of Frena ask President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to leave office because they accuse that he has not complied with reducing violence or improving the economic situation. 
Protesters gathered this Saturday at the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City from where they set off for the Zocalo. 
According to its website in addition to occupying the Zocalo, Frena sought, in a second stage of its movement, to occupy federal squares and buildings in each state.
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Original source in Spanish

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