translated from Spanish: Burned with acid and manized they find a man in Tanganycuro, Michoacán

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Tanganycical, Michoacán.- A man who was presumably deprived of his liberty by criminals was located alive on sunday afternoon. In other words, the affected person was maniated and had various burns caused by acid in various parts of his body.
For information gathered in the news coverage it was known that through a citizen complaint, the police received a report on a person lying on the Zamora-Morelia road, at the height of the Gas Station «Vigar».
So the elements of the Michoacán Police were moved to the site and by confirming the fact, requesting the support of the paramedics of Municipal Civil Protection, who arrived and helped the victim.
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It was known that the injured man is Luis Fernando G., R., 25, a neighbor of the los Nogales community, which had burns to the abdomen, forearm and tibia on the left side, and was maniated with ties, duct tape and metal handcuffs, while on the back he had two white gun wounds in the shape of C. J.
Of those responsible he transcended that there were at least four subjects aboard a white van, who stopped and abandoned the young man at the site where he was found, to immediately flee.
It was finally reported that the person concerned was taken to his home and staff of the State Attorney General’s Office became aware to integrate the relevant investigative folder.

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