translated from Spanish: Disqualifications that begin to live inside Morena pay nothing: Torres Piña

Laura Avalos
The federal deputy, Carlos Torres Piña, stressed that he does not help at all, nor does he pay for the issue of disqualifications that begins to be lived within the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party, for which he made a call to unity, but above all to the concord and propositivo dialogue.
“Let the dialogues generated be in a sense of construction because it is what is required inside, in no way do those who begin with certain disqualifications and signs,” he said.
One of the moments when the differences between some political actors were denoted was during Mario Delgado’s event that a feminist demonstration accused Cristóbal Arias Solís of trying to murder his wife in 2005, before which the senator indicated that this action was funded within the same party.
Faced with this situation, Carlos Torres Piña, indicated that this type of circumstance does not pay the party much less if it was sponsored from within, since instead of helping MORENA and the president, it begins to generate that wear and tear.
“I find it absurd (to be accused), who know me know my acting, but perhaps those who caused it are the ones who want to accuse,” he concluded.

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