translated from Spanish: Kicillof in sight: controversy over Tandil’s absence on the tourist background

«The district of Tandil is outside this program,» Costa said in radio statements, following the presentation of the new Municipal Fund for Cultural and Tourism Reactivation in the town of Chascomus, where Governor Axel Kicillof was present with the Deputy Governor and several mayors. Faced with this novelty, the aforementioned Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation explained that the decision had to do with the municipality departing from the system of phases arranged within the framework of Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation, knowing the provincial and national provisions.

Tandil, led by radical Miguel Lunghi, implemented his own regulatory format in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to a dispute with the governor. From this decision, from the UCR some criticisms came out and the first to do so was Alfredo Cornejo who called kicillof’s decision «channeled» after his words, where he defined the governor as a «pampering» of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and suggested that «it is enlarged with other people’s silver», expressed on social media with a , replicating the information about Tandil.» Managing resources with discretion is a trademark of Kirchnerism. Kicillof is enlarged with the silver of others to indoctrinate. With Tandil he couldn’t and decided to take resources out of him. A scoundrel of Cristina Kirchner’s pampered governor,» the mendocino said, opening up a new political controversy.

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