translated from Spanish: Mandate revocation will be here to participate: AMLO to FRENA

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told members of the National Front Anti-AMLO (FRENA) that they must wait until 2022 when the mandate revocation consultation or the 2021 elections are held if they want him to leave office.
«There is an established procedure that we created, that did not exist before, which is that of revocation of command. In the first quarter of 2022, I will submit to the revocation of the mandate and you will ask citizens whether they want me to continue or to resign, it is a democratic method. 
«They can wait until then and summon the people and those against our government to participate, vote, and if the people say I’m leaving, then yes to Palenque Chiapas, if the people say I stay until 2024,» he said at his conference on Monday.
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He added that he would agree to bring the mandate revocation forward to June 2021 – when federal and local elections are held in several states – so that they would not remain in the planting for so long. 
«Then they can come together and seek to stop transformation through peaceful, legal, democratic channels in next year’s June elections,» he added.
The members of FRENA tried to reach the capital Zocalo on Saturday to establish their planting there until the president resigns. Capital police prevented him for what they stayed on Avenida Juárez.
López Obrador reiterated that FRENA members are guaranteed freedom of demonstration, even if they are 15, 20 or 5 thousand people, all protests must be respected. 
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«If they plan to stay until I leave, it is a thing of reporting on the times. I don’t think it’s a violent movement that wants to overthrow me, but it’s a peaceful, civil movement, it’s not going to be a coup,» he said.
On why they didn’t let FRENA reach the Zocalo to demonstrate, the president said it was because there were «risks of provocation and the truth is that we do want to take care of them.»
He explained that the Constitution Square was home to other protesters with which there might be a confrontation, and they also wanted to protect the Metropolitan Cathedral, although it did not detailed reason. 
He celebrated that FRENA members are no longer just protesting in their cars, «it’s already a different manifestation, they’re already country houses.» He reiterated his call on FRENA leaders not only to place the tents, but to stay on the stand, not to go to hotels.
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