translated from Spanish: Senator Provoste (DC) places Mineduc for lack of information in calls for return of face-to-face classes in kindergartens

During the session of the Upper House Committee on Education, Christian Democratic Senator Yasna Provoste employed the authorities of the Ministry of Education (Mineduc), following the lack of information with which calls for return to face-to-face classes have developed at different levels of the education system.
This was the case in the analysis of the situation affecting officials of the National Board of Children’s Gardens (JUNJI), due to the lack of clarity and constant pressure for the return of initial education in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
In this regard, the legislature expressed concern at the sensitive picture and reiterated the doubts that had arisen in previous sessions about rules and protocols that would accompany this process.
«On 10 August we had the Minister of Education in this Committee. On that occasion, questions were asked, doubts that have not been answered to this day, and the interventions, both by the Under-Secretary for Parvular Education and the Vice-President of JUNJI, do not take over either,» Provoste, a member of the Senate Committee on Education, contextualized.
Against this backstage, the congresswoman again raised a series of questions, which – a complaint – have not yet been answered by the government authorities:
«What is meant by safety and what are the conditions that are required today for the health of children to be risked today. What are the sanitary conditions that are established to determine what is meant by a safe garden. What resources are associated with the gardens so that they can meet these conditions, as junJI Vice-President said that not all gardens have the security conditions.»
Provoste also went on to ask about «what are the safety measures for kindergarten officials and what studies have been carried out for public transport for workers.»
Finally, Parliamentarian DC argued that «the undersecretary of Parvular Education has pointed out that children cannot be asked for physical distance, because ‘it would be a utopia’ to raise it. All scientific world recommendations indicate that physical esttachment is critical. I would like to know what study the Undersecretariat has done to point out that our children are not going to undergo physical estgnation and that nothing will happen to them.»

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