translated from Spanish: The government’s balance sheet for the weekend of Fiestas Patrias: “People lived up to the circumstances”

The Government took a positive account of the “Fundéate en tu Casa” plan, as part of the Festivities held over the weekend.
At one point in the press, Minister Jaime Bellolio, Undersecretary for Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell and Undersecretary of Public Health Paula Daza offered figures on the number of audits and checks carried out during the three days of celebration.
In this regard, Undersecretary Martorell detailed that there were 73,101 prosecutors between the Armed Forces, Carabineros and the POI. In addition, 16,910 audits were carried out and there were 2,821 detainees for non-compliance with the health standard in curfew.
In addition, 831,987 family reunion permits were handed over and there were 11,350 total detainees during the three days.
Meanwhile, Undersecretary Paula Daza reported that 689,858 health audits were carried out with 3,478 health summaries. He further said that Arica, Valparaiso and Coquimbo were the regions where the largest number of summaries were made.
“People lived up to the circumstances, they were responsible. There have always been people trying to break the rule, but compared to previous dates they are less and we had as they have already seen a major audit,” Martorell said.

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