translated from Spanish: Broad front stung against the Government for «serious meddling» by demanding 2/3 quorum in constituent process

Frente Amplio reacted to the statements issued on Monday by the Minister Spokesman of Government, Jaime Bellolio, who stated that in the face of the possible election of a convention responsible for drafting a new Constitution, it had to have a quorum of 2/3 to approve the rules that will be in a hypothetical new Constitution.
«In the face of these statements, we want to emphasize in the eyes of the public that we find a serious intrusion into constitutional autonomy that must have a possible convention elected by citizens, whether mixed or constitutional,» they said through a statement.
«According to article 133 of the Constitution, the result of the constitutional reform that gave rise to the current constituent process, it is the task of the convention to elect to draft its own rules, in which it must define its form of deliberation and vote on the rules,» they added.
«Alongside this provision, the same reform clearly states that the final vote of the text corresponds exclusively and sovereignly to the people of Chile, through the exit plebiscite, where it must be approved with a simple majority,» they added.
In this line, from the party they call on «the President of the Republic and his ministers not to meddle in the constitutional process beyond their powers, letting the institutions function according to the limits available to the law.»
«It is everyone’s duty to ensure respect for this democratic process, for this we must abandon the logic of fear of reciprocal vetoes and rely on the ability of the Chilean people to deliberate by deepening the mechanisms of citizen participation rather than worthy interpretations that seek to block their legitimate desires,» they warn.
The agreement signed on 15 November established that the rules should be voted on by a quorum of 2/3, which was ratified in the constitutional reform that enabled the plebiscite.

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