translated from Spanish: Edil de Morelia opened a public space in Ciudad Jardín

Morelia, Michoacán.- Morón Orozco, it continues to provide popular colonies such as Ciudad Jardín with areas of coexistence, pedestrian and vehicular traffic enhanced, illuminated and includeing as were the inaugurated works of the rekindling of taimeo’s entire street in its two sections and the Jerécuaro-Taimeo space, with a total investment of around 10 million,400 thousand pesos, for the direct benefit of 15,000 people, reported in a communiqué.
Thanks to the efforts made with the federation by the Government of Morelia through the mayor, Raúl Morón, 300 million pesos were realized for investment in works for the municipality, which have intervened and transformed popular colonies and communities lagging behind in municipal social development and that will undoubtedly impact on giving the Moorish families a better quality of life through the actions of the Urban Improvement Program, with which it was achieved in the population area of Ciudad Jardín intervene with paving Taimeo street in a first instance, 800 linear meters with an investment of 7 million pesos, as well as 200 meters more of the same road with 2 million 150 thousand pesos to connect the street with important arteries such as the Libramiento or even serve as alternate routes of Avenida Madero , also the construction of the Jerécuaro-Taimeo public space with a resource designation of 1 million 250 thousand pesos.
Morón Orozco endorsed his commitment to continue his work in the Government of Morelia, which honestly managed benefits more people from different areas, be it popular colonies or communities «That honesty is a principle with which we rule and lay the foundations so that never again in Morelia the authorities can steal money, public money should be used to make works like this that benefits society».
In addition, the delegate of the Secretariat of Territorial and Urban Agricultural Development (SEDATU), Miguel Angel Sandoval Rodríguez, recognized the efforts made by the municipal president, Raúl Morón with the Government of Mexico and managed to lose 300 million pesos for public works. He emphasized that these actions mean that the «transformation of Morelia, which had not been carried out in 40 years, reached the places that left other municipal administrations and are now intervened».
For his part, the Secretary of Mobility and Public Space, Antonio Godoy González Vélez, he said that these public works for Ciudad Jardín, in addition to transforming the environment of the neighbors, are green buildings with 100 trees planted in the revival of Taimeo Street and the jerécuaro-Taimeo public space, which will mean tackling climate change and having urban reforestation for better urban development in the municipality, since not only road rehabilitation but is accompanied by lighting, accessibility and banquets for all.
On his occasion, the councilor, Rubén Pedraza Barrera recognized the participation of the neighbors of Ciudad Jardín in the transformation of its colony and highlighted the synergy with which the Government of Morelia works with the federation for the transformation of the municipality, in the recovery of spaces for people, not only for vehicles and meeting places for settlers. In addition to noting that morelia has many works to be done because of the efforts carried out and the honesty with which resources are managed from the public administration headed by President Raúl Morón «The policy of austerity and honesty is enough to do more».
Finally, Juan García Arreola, in charge of the order of Ciudad Jardín, appreciated the work done in pointing out that they are works that communicate with other colonies and give better access to the Welfare Center, while serving the neighbors to have a meeting point and for the enjoyment of settlers 

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