translated from Spanish: Former Instagram model who disguised herself as Catwoman is arrested for a series of robberies

World. – An Australian ‘exinstagramer’ was imprisoned for a series of robberies she carried out with a mask, as well as drug-related crimes and being armed with a knife to a store, The woman returned to prison, after this year she was released on bail.
Monique Agostino, 25, worked as a real estate agent and had an Instagram account (already deleted) with thousands of followers, where, among others, she posted photos in which she appeared disguised as Catwoman.
In November 2018, he committed, in the company of teenagers, a series of robberies in Sydney, during which the evildoers wore masks. On November 6 of that year, the woman was recorded by surveillance cameras when she broke into a restaurant. He also tried to break into a store and a coffee shop while stealing from a restaurant, where A$300 (about US$215) and a credit card, which Agostino later used, were allegedly stolen.
Instagram model who poses as Catwoman jailed for masked robberies
— New York Post (@nypost) September 22, 2020

The woman participated in the break-in of a cafeteria, where A$1,000 (US$716) was stolen. Agostino was sentenced to two years in prison. Apart from the above facts, he was convicted of drug possession, entering a store with a knife and stealing a jacket at a mall. “Your life goes down the toilet because you’re choosing your own lifestyle,” Judge Jacqueline Milledge said during a hearing last year.
The woman appealed the sentence and was released on bail earlier this year, while awaiting a hearing on her appeal. Prior to his celebration, he violated the terms of his release and on 26 August did not appear in court, after which the appeal was dismissed. On September 5, the offender was re-arrested.
Her sentence was reduced to 12 months and, given the time the former model had already spent in prison, she is expected to be released in October.

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