translated from Spanish: «I should have been more careful with friendships»: Sebastian «Lindorfo» Jiménez’s reflection after his time on TV

The vet who became known for the program the «Law of the Jungle» had a conversation with «#CHVEnCasa» that is conducted by Nicolás Copano.In that instance, the doctor reflected on his friendships, true or supposed, in the television medium and expressed that «one of my brothers, I have contact with all my brothers, but always one called me more, which is the one that follows above me, is nine years older than me. He always called me like sanity, we would get together and talk, to lunch, he would say ‘hey, remember, the TV lights up, the TV can lose you a little’.» I think that despite that, even though she was always with me, obviously my family too, of course my lady, to this day she always told me. Maybe one tends to belong to this guild of luxuries, cars, lucas. A totally alien world,» he added. In the same line, «Lindorfo» stated that «then one begins to like that tale of joining with celebrities, of going out for a drink. I don’t regret anything I did, but I should have been more careful with friendships.» We never became friends, but there were relational problems, where I had no intention of getting to that. Things of the moment, things that were misunderstood, things he said, that he didn’t tell me, that you said… That’s when I was in ’13. It was probably when there was a bigger stir, I was more alone, things like that,» he added. However, Jimenez noted that «but I don’t really regret it because they are very powerful teachings for life, very powerful. You know who to open the door to, who I don’t, I’m talking about doors of friendship, not my house, because anyone can come to my house»»But open the door to a deeper conversation, a secret, friendly words of truth, situations, ailments, weaknesses. That all of a sudden you don’t have to tell those things, because they often occupy that against you. Especially in a medium where knowing about someone things he hasn’t told is very sweet,» he said.

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