translated from Spanish: Michoacán’s situation is terribly worrying: Silvano Aureoles

Morelia, Michoacán.- The governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo through his official account, stressed that «the situation in Michoacán is terribly worrying, because, in addition to the health epidemic we face, there is the serious economic collapse that the country is going through, which has come from before the contingency».
The representative also said that to address this reality and a scenario of uncertainty, federal, state and municipal governments have a responsibility to care for and protect the issues most important to governance: health, employment, education and safety. «Unfortunately, the bad news is that, in the midst of this adverse and difficult circumstance, the proposed budget sent by the federal government for the 2021 fiscal year severely punishes states and municipalities and ignores the crises we are going through.»
On the federal budget, in particular that corresponds to this entity, Aureoles Conejo, stated that «for no good reason, Michoacán is cut more than 4,300 mdp, representing a reduction greater than 4%, that is, fewer resources than we had last year for the state and the 113 municipalities. For us to get an idea of the impact of these more than 4,000 mdp, it is the money equivalent to the year-round budget of the Michoacán Ministry of Health and, if that were not enough, the cuts also set out to reduce funds such as FAIS, Fortamun and Fortaseg.»
The perredist governor explained that this action had never happened before, «taking away this amount of resources that is proposed is something that has never happened and it is very serious that it will happen. The federal government can’t turn its back on local governments. That is why it is important to reconsider the continuation of projects that are NOT a priority at this juncture, such as the Maya Train, dos Bocas refinery or Santa Lucia airport, among others.»
Finally, he called on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador not to punish the municipalities of Michoacán by taking away their resources and summoned the rest of the states and all the municipalities of the country to raise our voices.

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