translated from Spanish: UK regrowth: England to fine up to $13,000 for non-confinement

Englishmen who fail to self-confine in the event of coronavirus contagion will be fined up to 10,000 pounds (about $13,000), the government announced in introducing the new rules to try to reduce the number of cases.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who declared this week that the UK is facing the second wave of the new coronavirus, introduced new restrictions for the people of the north, northwest and central regions of England, the hardest hit.
Among these measures, the government introduced the legal obligation of self-confinement as of September 28 for people who test positive or if requested by the National Health Service (NHS). «The best way to combat the virus is for everyone to follow the rules and isolate the the the rules if they run the risk of transmitting the coronavirus,» the prime minister said in a statement.
«No one should underestimate the importance of these measures, the new rules mean that they are legally obliged to apply them if they have been infected or asked by the NHS,» he added.
The UK asks people who test positive for 10 days, while those living with someone who is positive or has symptoms should self-confine the test for 14 days.
United Kingdom, The European country most affected by the pandemic
If the rules are broken they will impose fines ranging from 1,000 pounds ($1,290) to 10,000 pounds if done repeatedly or in the most serious cases.
To promote compliance with these standards, low-income people will be able to receive 500 pounds ($645) assistance if they cannot telework during quarantine.

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