translated from Spanish: Young students apply for ISJU support for enrollment

Sinaloa.- About 50 students have applied to the Sinaloan Youth Institute (ISJU) for support for the payment of registrations, because because of the pandemic, the priority that was previously to obtain the transport grant, has changed and tilted towards the payment of their registrations, detailed the director of the Institute, Joaquín Rodríguez Astengo.The state official of Sinaloa stated that the priority for young students right now is the payment of registration in their schools. , because in some cases their parents did not have a job during the pandemic and in others, who worked to self-pay their school, they did not have the opportunity to get that income.
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“Right now we are supporting with the registration of young people who ask us, it is not an open program but we are receiving those who send us the application, we are working right now with the issue of self-employment, we are working in partnership with the National Employment Service and we have also made some youth employment fairs, where large companies are helping us to hire young people who need it online” Reported.
It also indicated that students from government schools were mainly being supported, but applications were also being received from students from private schools, but only in very extraordinary cases, as the student was being studied socio-economically and contacted with the school to confirm that it was actually a person who needed the support.

Original source in Spanish

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