translated from Spanish: 50% of teens believe adult content gives ideas for their own experiences

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World. – More than half of adolescents, 54.1%, believe that adult content gives ideas for their own sexual experiences and 54.9% would like to implement what they have seen, according to a survey presented on Tuesday by the NGO Save the Children.
The report, entitled (Des)sexual information: pornography and adolescence and from a survey of 1,753 young people between the age of 13 and 17, further reveals that 62.5% have ever had access to such content in their lifetime. In the case of boys it has been mostly (87.5% have ever seen pornography in their lifetime), but it also reaches a high percentage of girls: 38.9%.
The survey draws attention to the fact that seven out of ten teens frequently consume pornography. In addition, 30% of young people recognize that pornography is their main source of learning and just over half (53.4%), who had their first contact with some explicit sexual content between the age of 6 and 12. The study warns that free pornography on the Internet negatively influences the personal development of young people and reinforces risky behaviors based on women’s submission to men.
Sex education in Spain is scarce because the classes in this subject are not mandatory, according to the report. In the last two years, more than half of participants have received less than 10 hours of such training at their school. Experts warn of children’s access to pornography before they reach maturity and the high likelihood that these content will become the only source of information on the subject.
This, for its part, can have serious consequences when it comes to reacting against the practices of risk or gender inequality very present in pornography. 20.2% of adolescents, according to Save the Children’s report, are unable to say what kind of actions present in pornography undermine a person’s physical integrity during a sexual act.
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The NGO’s Director of Awareness and Child Policy, Catalina Pernazzo, said this Tuesday during a telematics press conference that many young people would like to have more information on affective-sexual issues. Save the Children therefore advocates that Congress process the Organic Law on Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents from Violence. Thanks to this standard, students will learn to detect violence or abuse.
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