translated from Spanish: Auction a drug dealer’s mansion in Belgrano valued at $2.3 million

A $2.3 million mansion located in the Porteño neighborhood of Belgrano and belonging to the widow of the late lawyer Carlos Salvatore, convicted of the drug trafficking case called «White Coal», will be the first good of that cause to be auctioned by the State.The property is located 400 meters from the Belgrano R train station, sources of the State Administration Agency (AABE) informed Télam. It is a property of 815 square meters covered, on a plot of 525 meters and whose value would be around 2.3 million dollars.

The property was currently occupied by Silvia Susana Vallés Paradiso, the widow of the deceased lawyer, for which the AABE had to request that it be evicted as it was also dismantling it. Sources indicated that Salvatore’s wife was on parole there (she was convicted in a drug-related case) and that she requested to remain on site during the pandemic.» In response to this request, he was required to pay fees and services of the property in exchange for enabling its permanence, a condition to which it did not agree and immediately, through the intervention of the Secretary of the Federal Oral Court of Resistance, Francisco Rondán, was enabled to have the Directorate of Content Affairs and the Territorial Deployment Directorate of the AABE immediately proceed to take office,» said one spokesman consulted. According to the court case, in April of this year, the Federal Oral Court of Resistance provided for the confiscation of property from drug trafficking in the «White Coal» case. The trial took place in 2015 in Chaco and Justice considered that Salvatore was responsible for organizing the illicit association that sent more than a ton of cocaine to Portugal and Spain hidden in containers with charcoal. The lawyer was sentenced to 21 years in prison, while four other defendants received sentences of between 12 and 19 years in prison.

In May 2018, Salvatore died at age 61 from health problems. In 2019, another trial was carried out for the laundering of assets from these maneuvers and in that process Salvatore’s widow and two other defendants received sentences of between 7 and 9 years in prison. We granted the possibility of handing over certain assets in custody to national, provincial and/or municipal authorities so that they are intended in a transitional and exceptional way to deal with the epidemiological situation and mitigate the health impact of coronavirus, with the aim of protecting public health.

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