translated from Spanish: Suspend teacher who wants bomb dropped at BC University

The Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) suspended and initiated an internal process against a teacher for asking a class to drop a bomb within the Faculty of Tourism and Marketing.
This, after the students themselves requested that the teacher Luis Enrique Huidobro Díaz, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, be sanctioned who was video-recorded in class on September 18.
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«Tourism, do not mamen, should bomb that faculty… as well as a terrorist attack, a bomb, a hijacked plane of those who fell into the twin towers, should have fallen on the UABC, in tourism, the teacher said in class.

Evidence 2 on «terrorist attacks on the faculty of tourism»
— sacred cows (@medchungus_) September 19, 2020

Students at THE UABC School of Medicine confirmed that the teacher was suspended from his classes.
The appointments of the university of Baja California teacher generated outrage among students of the Faculty of Tourism who sent a letter to the rector of the University, Dr. Daniel Octavio Valdez, to demand that the teacher be sanctioned.
In the letter, students were outraged and concerned about any retaliation the teacher may take against students or the institution.
UABC student letter against teacher
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