translated from Spanish: Defense and Justice defeated Olympia and fights in Group G

The goal against Delfín put up a good time for those of Florencio Varela despite the disadvantage of the absence of preparation matches and prepared in the best way to receive Olimpia of Paraguay for the second consecutive game as a home, where he finished pulling out veneer and showing his teeth for the standings. In a great first half of Hernán Crespo’s, the goal came from a big collective play, where Washington Camacho defined with the bow he emptied for 1-0 and the deserved advantage for Defense and Justice, which in the second half was going to repeat his good walk.
Against and forcing Olympia to go for the draw, he took advantage of the spaces in the first few minutes of the second half, when Braian Romero was able to beat Azcona and stretch the bill. Within five minutes, the good news came with Caballero’s expulsion and from there another match was played. Waiting for the opponent, Defensa waited and went against it, being able to settle the lawsuit earlier, but suffered in the definition errors and gave the Guarani room to discount. After a great collective move, Isidro Pitta discovered, worse did not catch up with the visiting team to keep the second place. In this way, the «Hawk» stays as an escort of his area, but will have to sentence the group stage to Delfín in Ecuador and Santos in Brazil. The illusion is maintained and the fight remains in one of the most even areas of the Copa Libertadores.   

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