translated from Spanish: Together for Health Initiative reports care to 17,413 patients in pandemic

The Together for Health initiative that integrated companies, agencies and public institutions to respond to the COVID-19 emergency reported, at the end of its work, that it managed to channel 17,413 non-covid patients from public to private hospitals for medical care. 80% of these cares were deliveries and C-sections.
Javier Potes, of the Mexican Consortium of Hospitals, stated that this initiative involved 226 private hospitals with 3,427 beds, 8% more of the capacity agreed at the beginning, which could serve the 17,413 patients derived from public institutions such as IMSS, ISSSTE, Secretary of Health and Sedena.
At a joint press conference with several of those involved in the initiative, the Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, stressed that thanks to the efforts of 579 public and private companies and institutions, among the most outstanding achievements, was able to contribute the equivalent of 85% of the country’s installed ventilatory support capacity. Together for Health he managed to bring to Mexico 4,633 fans.
Eduardo Osuna, CEO of BBVA Mexico, said he benefited from 700 hospitals in the country with 1.3 million medical kits. 2.64 million cover-covers to policemen. 45 thousand liters a day of water for health personnel and 12 thousand nights of hotel donated so that they could stay without transfers and without putting their families at risk.
Héctor Valle, director of the Mexican Health Foundation (Funsalud), recalled that the Initiative arose from a meeting convened by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to face the challenges of the pandemic, four specific: strengthening the capacity of the health system, with a focus on enabling more beds; protect the first lines of defense with protective equipment; access to fans and make there national manufacture of fans and water covers.
Of the latter, the national textile industry has managed to grow its production to make 50 million masks per month.
The development of a Mexican fan was also achieved in just 10 months, of which 200 teams have already been produced and 100 have already been delivered to hospitals in seven states of the Republic.
From the work of the Together for Health initiative, the extension hospital was also set up and operated at the Citibanamex Center, through which 2,600 patients have passed «with a success rate of close to 99% and with a number of beds representing 30% of the hospital capacity of the health services of Mexico City», said Ricardo Mújica of Fundación Slim.
Marcelo Ebrard noted that without this initiative, the epidemic could not have been answered. «Together for Health he contributed 30 times the total donations and international cooperation we had.»
The chancellor explained that it was a success and that if it was being concluded it is because the pandemic has been giving way and now comes the part of the vaccine.
«The pandemic is giving way and we see the vaccine nearby, the emergency that called us in March is no longer the same, so today we meet to end this pact but we will have others, it is not goodbye, it is until soon because we are going to meet again to celebrate the recovery of Mexico and modernize the health system.»
Ebrard announced that today Mexico will already be enrolled in the COVAX initiative, a multilateral mechanism promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine.
«We strongly love COVAX, which has 18 phase 3 vaccines. From which they are authorized Mexico will have access to them».
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