translated from Spanish: Torres Piña enters route by candidacy of Morena

Morelia; Michoacán.- Federal Deputy Carlos Torres Piña, obtaining constant growth, during the last four months in the intention of voting to elect Governor of Michoacán, placed second with what enters fully on the route by the candidacy of Morena in the entity, according to the study carried out by the company Masive Caller, reported in a statement.
As a result of this telephone measurement, published yesterday, September 23, but with cut to September 20, Torres Piña ascended to the second place in the care made among different morena aspirants, to be located in 14.9% preferences.
The reference study shows that the most positioned political party is Morena with 35.5% of preferences, followed by the PAN in second place with 15.4%, the pri third place with 10.0% and PRD in fourth place with 7.9%. 28.8% of respondents have not yet decided.
In the masks made against different contenders from other political parties, Torres Piña surpasses them by obtaining 27.9%, Armando Tejeda Cid of the PAN 14.6%, Víctor Silva Tejeda of the PRI 8.2% and Carlos Herrera of the PRD with 7.2%.
But when he is without another group of applicants he obtains 27.4% preferences, Arturo Hernández Vázquez of the PAN 19.1%, Víctor Silva Tejeda of the PRI 9.6% and Carlos Herrera Tello of the PRD 8.2%.

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