translated from Spanish: UC rescued a point with taste to Cali’s America in Colombia

Universidad Católica rescued on Wednesday a draw to a goal on his visit to América de Cali, in match played at the Estadio Pascual Guerrero and valid for the fourth date of Group E of the Copa Libertadores 2020.A mesquizo prize for the cast of the strip by presenting greater football arguments than his opponent. With parity he was left at the bottom of the table with four units and is now forced to add three to Gremio (7) and Inter de Porto Alegre (7) if he wants to enter the eighth round. Nightmare was the start of the match for the two-time national football. From a monumental error matías Dituro came the opening of the account for the ‘Red Devils’, who had defeated the Crusaders in San Carlos de Apoquindo (2-1). The Argentine goalkeeper left his bow at 4 minutes to play with his feet, but his rejection was bad, flush and left the ball on a platter to Duvan Vergara, who with the bow available topped from outside the area to mark 1-0.To top it off, midfielder Luciano Aued wasted at 7 minutes a penalty kick , after fouling on Gaston Lezcano in the area. The ‘Luli’ hit him lower than usual and the local goal rack flew to his left leg to deflect the punchline. After that, the painting directed by Ariel Holan managed to settle on the field and even took ownership of the actions, with a good game from midfield forward and taking advantage of the bands with Edson Puch and Gaston Lezcano.The prize for his best game was held by UC at 33′. Center of Luciano Aued from the left and Fernando Zampedri defined in the vicinity of the girl area earning the position to Juan Pablo Segovia.Shortly the next, Within 36 minutes, the controversy settled on ‘coffee’ soil when Valber Huerta was voided, after a large cover of Joel Graterol after fernando Zampedri’s headbutt.In the complement, UC continued to exert pressure and consolidated as the dominator against an America that retreated and bet mainly on the counterpupe to hurt. The cast of the strip had the win at 67′. Aued leaked a remarkable pass for César Pinares and the midfielder wanted to define with a picoton, but his finisher went a deviated with the rival goal beaten. On the next date of the area, Católica will visit On September 29 to Gremio, who in the present day got into the fight to advance from phase to stage by beating Porto Alegre International 1-0.

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