translated from Spanish: Usa. USA: Breonna Taylor protests leave two policemen injured and 46 arrested

At least two police officers were shot dead tonight in protests over the exculpation of the three officers involved in the shooting death of young African-American Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. Acting Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed tonight that two policemen were shot just before the curfew came into effect in the city, announced Wednesday to prevent protests and riots following taylor’s March death charges, which shot dead at a record in his apartment.
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Shortly after this announcement, US President Donald Trump posted a tweet in which he offered his prayers for the improvement of the two agents and offered the help of the federal government to contain protests in the city, which have been replicated in cities across the country.» I pray for the two agents who were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentuchy. The federal government is ready to help,» said Trump, who added that he has spoken to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. «We are ready to work just as soon as we are required,» the representative added.

Through Twitter, the US president expressed solidarity with the injured police. Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Kentuchy state attorney general Daniel Cameron only filed minor charges against one of three officers involved in Taylor’s death, which has become a symbol of protests against racism and police brutality just as George Floyd was after his death in May in Minneapolis, Minesota. The prosecution’s charge accuses one of the officers, Brett Hankison, of shooting at an adjoining apartment and under no circumstances for the events that led to Taylor’s 26-year-old death, who was in his bed when one of the more than thirty bullets fired by the officers ended his life. The protests began as soon as the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, which does not pursue the case as a murder or because it was the result of an inappropriate record, was heard that the only one of the three defendants was released after the payment of a $15,000 bond and only accused of negligence. Protesters took to the streets and set small fires in the city centre, one of which affected the county’s courthouse.

At about 20:30 local time, shortly before curfew began, two police officers were shot and transferred to a hospital where they have been stabilized and are out of danger, although one of the officers needed surgery. According to Schroeder, a suspect who is being questioned was arrested. Several social media videos show what might be the time for shots fired at a line of riot agents. Protests over the exculpation of the agents, which justify his performance by the fact that Taylor’s boyfriend responded to the intrusion, which would have occurred without warning, with gunshots for which he was licensed. 

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