translated from Spanish: Mocorito Church Bell Was Installed 19th Century

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- The bells of the parish of purísima Concepción, in the Magic Village of Mocorito, have witnessed important events, such as the arrival of the twentieth century and the recovery of the plaza of arms during the Mexican Revolution, as well as for more than 100 years has called parishioners to Mass. According to comments from the tour guide, Mirtha Vázquez Valenzuela, the writers and historians of Mocorito point out that the bells were manufactured in 1895, but due to the large size of the bell and the height of the tower, it was not until 1897 that the main bell was installed with the help of the staff of an Italian circus that was in the village. 
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Mirtha Vázquez comments that, according to the chronicles of writers such as Ramón Velázquez, after the bells were made by a mechanical blacksmith from the community of Bacamacari, they had to go two years before they could be placed, which was carried out when the aforementioned circus arrived in Mocorito and they were asked how much they were charged for doing this peculiar work , for which the Codoni brothers charged the amount of 700 pesos of that time. 
They say that the installation of the main bell was quite a spectacle, because while the manoeuvres were being performed, many people would come and stay around the church to observe, “during those moments, the square of arms was full of people, seeing and waiting for the moment that the bells, the main bell, which was the one of the problem because of its size, were fully installed”. After being placed, the main bell was christened the Pure Conception and was formally inaugurated on December 8, 1897, the day of the Most Pure Conception, the date of the traditional festivals of the Mocoritians. “Don Mon Velázquez said that this bell was something representative because through it it was what people were called, the flock, the general population, the important things of our people, which were sometimes not necessarily religious,” he explains. With this bell were announced different events and historical moments, such as the arrival of the twentieth century, which was announced with a long ringing of bells. Also, during the armed struggle of the Mexican Revolution, Captain José Martínez del Río, with only 150 soldiers, defended and recovered the plaza of arms of a group of about a thousand 500 zapatistas who had it taken, a feat that was also celebrated with a long ringing of bells.

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