translated from Spanish: the club sends you message and gifts (Video)

CdMx. – After heavy rains hit Tamaulipas, causing severe flooding at different points in the state, one of the unfortunate affected inhabitants lost many assets, but managed to save his puppies, sacrificing the material, something that was applauded by Santos Laguna, a club that sent him gifts and a message, since on the day of the tragedy, which was reflected in a video, the protagonist vested a shirt of the Warriors.
In this clip, the amateur is appreciated, who, by the way, is called Santos as the club of his loves, rescuing his puppies from drowning in his home, where due to the flood lost many of his belongings, including his articles of Santos Laguna, so the club contacted him to send him others and that he could start a new collection.
The original video is from two months ago, but the story reached the lagunero team just a few days ago, so they immediately got to work and sent various gifts to Don Santos, as well as two video messages, one by Julio Furch and one by Fernando Gorriarán encouraging the follower, something he and his daughter thanked with a series of posts on Twitter.

Many have already seen this video that went viral on social media, I can proudly tell you that they are my parents?
They are really very grateful and moved by so many words of encouragement and all their support. Blessings ? a strong embrace in the distance ♡
— Betty Vaquera Escandón (@vaquera_betty) July 29, 2020

Remember the video I uploaded in July, where my parents lost everything, but rescue their puppies in a tub from the flood because of Hurricane Hanna?
During the video my dad was wearing a shirt of the Santos Laguna football team ? which was spoiled.
— Betty Cowgirl Escandón (@vaquera_betty) September 22, 2020

They also sent him a package of gifts from the official club, to start his new collection.
My dad is really grateful, happy and excited, as he is a Colorado bone fan of team ?? and for him it is a dream come true.
— Betty Cowgirl Escandón (@vaquera_betty) September 22, 2020

His face of happiness!!!! ????
Infinite thank you
I’m proud to be #guerrerodecorazon
— Betty Cowgirl Escandón (@vaquera_betty) September 22, 2020

Original source in Spanish

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