translated from Spanish: These are Conagua’s new deputy directors in the face of the resignation of officials

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported on the appointment of six new deputy directors to the National Water Commission (Conagua), following the resignation of the same number of officials announced on Thursday.
At his morning conference the president said that the new members of Conagua are:
Aarón Mastache Mondragón, as Deputy Director General of Hydroagrícola Infrastructure.
Elena Burns Stuck, Deputy Director General of Water Management.
Germán Martínez Santoyo, Deputy Director General of Administration.
Jacinta Palerm Viqueira, deputy technical director general.
José Antonio Zamora Gayoso, deputy director general of the legal.
José Mario Esparza Hernández, Deputy Director General of Potable Water and Sanitation.
As well as the ratification of Blanca Jiménez as director of the Conagua.
The announcement is given just one day after the resignations of Victor Yamanaka Alcocer; Eugenio Barrios; Eduardo Seldner; Alfredo Ocón; Celia Maya García, and Patricia Ramirez.
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These resignations occurred after President López Obrador announced changes to the agency.
“I advance that there will be changes in the Conagua, because the Conagua was taken by these same people, by the PAN. It’s not revenge, we’re going to be seeing that the government is in everyone’s service and that the interests of the nation and not the group are put ahead,” the representative said.
At his conference today, the representative noted that the changes are also so as not to have problems within the team and assured that the chosen ones are “prepared, honest and un linked to vested interest groups”.
He added that economic power needed to be separated from political power so that the government would represent everyone and not be alone in the service of certain groups.
According to the president, such changes are necessary to continue the transformation of the country.
“It would be a waste of time to get here after so much fighting time to do the same, for me to put myself at the service of potentates, who were believed to be the owners of Mexico or the media that they subjected to public servants if their whims were not fulfilled,” he said.
Who are the new deputy directors
The six characters chosen by the president are engineers or researchers specializing in the subject of water. Some of them with experience within federal agencies.
Aarón Mastache Mondragón. Originally from Iguala, Guerrero. He’s 65 years old, he’s an agronomist. His last shit within the government was as the holder of the Segob Human Rights Unit. He has also been a member of the PRD, and held positions within the Secretariat of Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (SEMARNAP) and the Secretariat of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources (SARH).
Elena Burns Stuck. She is a researcher and specialist in the subject of water. Elena is Planning Coordinator of the CENTERLI Sustainability Center of the Metropolitan Autonomous University. She is also the author of the book “Rething the Basin: Managing Water Cycles in the Valley of Mexico”. In addition to being the coordinator of more than 50 territorial and environmental plans and systems throughout the country.
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Germán Martínez Santoyo. Engineer by profession who until very recently worked as a regional director of Conagua in tabasco state. He was also a professor in the faculty of Engineering of UNAM and worked for private companies dedicated to the hydraulic issue.
Jacinta Palerm Viqueira. Researcher and specialist in water self-management. He holds a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Toulouse-le-Mirail, France. She is a member and coordinator of the Network of Social Researchers on Water and the College of Ethnologists and Social Anthropologists, A.C.
José Mario Esparza Hernández. He is an industrial engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico de la Laguna and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Management from the Autonomous University of the Northeast. Since 2009 he has served as head of technical department in the Conagua.
About José Antonio Zamora Gayoso there is no further public information, only known to be a morena driver in Mexico City and was a party militant.
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