translated from Spanish: They arrested thirteen people and hijacked 500 stolen phones in Balvanera

After a large police operation of the Brigade of the Community Commission 3 coordinated by the Directorate General of Operational Coordination, a total of 506 cell phones, 303 batteries, 85,360 pesos, $6,300, 34 chips, were seized and ten equipment sales premises and three food outlets were closed in Balvanera. The large number of abducted cell phones had a previous report of theft at the police headquarters. A 24-year-old man who was offering phones, also denounced as stolen, was also arrested and had in his possession a large amount of cash that he could not justify. For this reason, the troops entered the site and confirmed that the communication equipment sales shops sold cell phones reported as stolen by ENACOM. Several of these premises were violating an imposed closure. Noticing the police presence, three people tried to escape and were delayed by finding stolen phones and large amounts of cash in their possession. Upon entering the food premises, it could be established that they did not have the corresponding qualification and also had diners in an enclosed space without respecting the minimum distance to avoid contagion of Covid-19.Se consulted with the Criminal and Federal Correctional Court Number 11, Secretariat Number 21, and the detention of the eight people involved was arranged (four Peruvian men , two Argentine women, a Venezuelan and a Paraguayan) and the abduction of 445 cell phones found as well as the 268 batteries, the 34 chips, the $2,300 and the Argentine 52,960 pesos.

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