translated from Spanish: Wrapped in plastic is found the body of a man in Apatzingan, Michoacán

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Apatzingán, Michoacán.- A man was killed and his baleado body was found wrapped in a black plastic in the José Tafolla fraction of the Terracalenteño municipality of Apatzingán, where the authorities are already investigating the event.
According to data obtained by this means the State Center for Command, Communications, Computation, Control, Coordination and Intelligence (C5i) received the report of a deceased person in the vicinity of the Ego hotel, heading to the lemon groves of the ejido Morelos colony, so elements of the Municipal Police were sent.
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The uniforms were constituted at the site and confirmed the finding of the lifeless body of a semi-wrapped male person in black plastic, and at first glance he was observed with gun projectile injuries at head height so the area was cordoned off and notified to the corresponding social representation.
The deceased qualified as unknown, but was described as someone wearing a red shirt, grey trousers, red fabric belt and camouflaged work boots.
The body was transferred to the morgue for the law autopsy and family members are expected to come and identify him.

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