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Paola Canto Olivares
Since 1980, 27 September has been established as World Tourism Day, the date on which the Statutes of the World Tourism Organization were adopted, recognizing this recreational exercise not only for its legitimate purposes of using leisure and leisure, but for the social, cultural, political and economic values it promotes.
The Covid-19 pandemic has left this activity with deep losses at the macro financial and micro-labor level, coupled with the regrowths of recent weeks in Europe, the central stage of tourism development worldwide, foreshadowing that this will not change significantly in the short term.
In the face of this reality it is important to ask yourself who loses the most? and the answer is all. Narrow is the gaze of those who see only in tourism a form of individual, family and even business income, because more than that, the definition of the identity of the territories is played, what we decided to communally patrimonialize, to value, to say “it is the beautiful”, what is worth experimenting with with all the senses, what characterizes us.
The essential call to “stay at home” not only dents the macroeconomic figures of the tourism sector, but also leads us to sociocultural anonymity, to indiffer dangerously and to the imperative challenge of being able to meet soon.

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