translated from Spanish: 10 years after the death of Romina Yan, the artist who marked a generation

This Monday, September 28, marks the 10th birthday of the death of Romina Yan, Argentine actress, singer, dancer and children’s cheerleader, after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 36 that surprised and shocked the whole country. The artist left a legacy full of songs, dances and dreams. The daughter of Cris Morena and Gustavo Yankelevich, she was part of a well-known family of artists and key figures in the history of television. He married Dario Giordano in 1998, with whom he had three children, Franco, Valentin and Azul.Su first television appearance was “Play with Me”, with whom he opened a door that followed with “My Brother-in-Law” or “Quereme”. But his starring role came in “Chiquititas”, the show produced by his mother. It is the longest-running telenovela in the history of Argentine TV, with more than a thousand episodes.

Romina became a reference for an entire generation. Two years ago Cris Morena led a tribute called “ViveRo”, which was performed in the Great Rex with the participation of figures such as Valeria Lynch, Damian De Santos, Agustina Cherri, Nico Vazquez, Facundo Arana, Peter Lanzani and China Suarez. With the money raised from the show, they opened a university residence in Corrientes, with the support of Fundación SI. In addition, in the pandemic her mother presented on social media a documentary about the novel 25 years after its premiere, with history, testimonies, and scenes of her daughter in the classic role of Bethlehem Fraga.For the generation of the 90′, Romina Yan was a key figure in our childhood. With his charisma and sympathy he became a popular icon of thousands of young people, who sang and danced to all his songs, as well as encouraged to dream about her. Ten years later, Romina Yan’s legacy remains present.
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