translated from Spanish: Comuna de Santiago launches «Plan of Reactivation of Neighborhoods» at the beginning of Phase 3

As part of the entry into Phase 3 (Preparation) of the Paso a Paso Plan, starting on Monday, the mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, together with councillors Alfredo Morgado, Leonel Herrera and Juan Mena, unveiled the Plan of Economic Reactivation of Neighborhoods, which contemplates the support that the municipality will provide and the health measures to be followed by gastronomic premises for public care, including on weekends.» Almost a year ago, since October 18th last, that the gastronomic field at kilometer zero and other neighborhoods of the commune has had a very bad time. That is why today we want to support all the gastronomic poles that we have in the commune, so that people come from tomorrow safely, because we will enforce all the health measures; tables with social estating, alcohol gel and limited capacity, while the support of the Municipality translates into authorizations to use public space, so that they can take the tables and chairs out into the street, reducing the cost of these rights by up to 75%,» said santiago’s communal chief, adding that «we want the center to vibrate again, to be a pole that unites the family, for everyone to come, setting aside political trends and focusing on supporting our commune-capital, where many entrepreneurs and localists, despite the social outburst and pandemic, decided to stay.» In this sense, the Neighborhood Reactivation Plan that begins this Monday promotes and facilitates, through a series of municipal measures and actions, the opening to public of gastronomic establishments throughout the commune. GASTRONOMIC PLACES MAY:1. Install terraces on public roads2. Authorization must be obtained at www.munistgo.cl3. Access a rebate of up to 75% on rights to Use National Good for Public Use4. Measure applies until 31 March 20215. Furniture must comply with ordinance 87 «On installation of tables, chairs and sunshades in the Public Space of the commune of Santiago». PARTIAL STREET CLOSURE – SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM 11:00 TO 21:00 HOURS: Barrio Lastarria / Bellas ArtesPartially closes in Lastarria: between Alameda and Rosal Partial place in José Miguel de la Barra: between Merced and Cardenal Caro Bulnes WardEnables Full Bulnes Walk Plaza de ArmasEnables of expanded terraces Barrio BrasilAbout balmaceda’s intersection with Brazil for FoodtrucksUso installation of Plaza Brasil: closure of Orphans between Brazil and MaturanaPartially closes Av. Brasil: between Santo Domingo and Agustinas Yungay Neighborhood Libertad street between Santo Domingo and AgustinasCierre de Calle Maipú between Santo Domingo and Agustinas Franklin NeighborhoodPartially store in San Isidro: between Placer and BiobíoCierre de Calle Víctor Manuel between Placer and Biobío Matías CousiñoCierre de Matías Cousiño: between Moneda and AgustinasCierre de Ramón Nieto: between Paseo Estado and Matías Cousiño.PROTOCOLO DE OPERATION Maintain minimum distance of 2 linear meters between tables Mandatory use of mask by enclosure staff and customers Expose the property’s offer on whiteboards, QR codes on tables, walls or non-contact digital media Encouraging booking system Demarcate waiting areas and ideally demarcate table areas As far as possible, have a host who collaborates in the order of entry and exit Report maximum capacity (25%) access to the property Having alcohol gel and temperature control Have control of health status declaration registration data Permanent disinfection and cleaning of spaces, furniture and bathrooms On demarcated or closed terraces, define differentiated access and exit Differentiated customer vendor income (place or time)

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