translated from Spanish: “It has no relation”: Carabineros, POI and Armed Forces are demarcated from gremial that uses its logos in the “Reject” strip

Since the television strip began for the next constitutional plebiscite on October 25, the segment dedicated to “Rejection” has been plagued by controversy. First it was criticism from LGBTI organizations for the presence of an evangelical group that denigrated them in their argument to reject a new Constitution; afterwards, it was RN’s participation with his homage to the “Pasapalabra” program, which annoyed CHV who evaluate legal actions. And now the presence of the logos of Carabineros, Police investigations and Armed Forces, gathered under the National Multigremial of the Armed Forces and policemen in retirement, is added.
However, until this Saturday, Carabineros and the POI were disreserated from this group. Through a statement, they noted that “none of the Institutions of Order and Security has authorized the use of their logos or corporate images to be used in the Political Strip”.
This Sunday, it was the turn of the rest, the Armed Forces. According to the Ministry of Defence, the logo corresponds to the National Multigremial of the FFAA, Carabineros and PDI in retirement, so “the logo displayed on the strip corresponds to the corporate image of that association and is therefore unrelated to the armed institutions”.
“The use of the corporate image of the aforementioned Multigremial with the shields of the Army, Navy and Air Force may induce some people to believe that it is an entity belonging to the FFAA and Order and Public Safety, in circumstances that is made up of retreating personnel. Therefore, their legitimate opinion of the ongoing constitutional process cannot and should not be construed under any aspect as representative of the Defence Institutions.” points to the document.
“FFAA are essentially obedient, non-deliberative, professional, hierarchical, and disciplined. Therefore, they do not participate in the political contingency,” they conclude.
This situation had been noted by Eduardo Vergara, executive director of Chile 21, who called the use of these logos “very serious”.
“Interior and Defense ministers must explain the use of police institutions and FFAA in the Rejection strip. These are apolitical institutions that cannot take such positions. This is serious and explanations of the case are urgent. Regardless of whether their logos are grouped into an interest group like multi-military, they are putting on screen the institutional identity of our police and FFAA.”, he said.
Demarque de Carabineros y PDI
This Saturday, Carabineros and the Investigation Police had already been demarcated from this situation, ensuring that “the entity that brings together the retreating staff does not belong to the police, and the opinion of its members does not represent these permanent institutions of the Republic”.
They further argued that “the Chilean Law and Public Security Forces are obedient, non-deliberative, professional, hierarchical and disciplined institutions that do not participate in contingent policy”.
“Carabineros of Chile and the Investigation Police reiterate to the public their unrestricted commitment to democracy, and the observance of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic,” they concluded.
Called to take care of the image
Interior Minister Victor Pérez addressed the controversy this afternoon from La Moneda and called on organizations involved in the debate to “take care of the image.”
“We call on organizations that legitimately participate in the debate of what the Plebiscite is to take care of the image of the permanent organizations of the Republic, which are above the political debate, and therefore those organizations have their own images, slogans and shields and that use them legitimately,” the secretary of state said at a press point from the Palace.
Along with the call, Víctor Pérez also said that “we believe that the emblems of the permanent organizations of the Republic should be cared for and protected”.

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