translated from Spanish: Pablo Longueira: “The Constitution of ’80’ completed a stage”

Former UDI President Pablo Longueira reaffirmed his interest in being the one taking the reins of the collective following the future departure of Jacqueline van Rysselberghe and addressed the discussion generated about an eventual Constitución.La new ’80 Constitution has completed a stage,” says Longueira, who boasts that “I have been a privileged witness to how this country has emerged” , as indicated in Mesa Central (Channel 13). But when asked about the feeling of inequality and classism in some sections of the country, he said that “that’s what we need to correct (…) We need to move forward in a fairer country,” he said, “in the Plebiscite of 1980 the transition to democracy began”, because “there is a chronology, the Constitution is fixed”. In the same line, he noted that “this part of history must be closed with our pains, with our successes. That’s what citizens want, we can’t keep dragging future generations.” He added that “even more so, I would like to see how those who murdered Jaime Guzman also get freedom. I believe that we must know how to close the wounds in a country, with height, with greatness, without revenge, with humanism; that’s what we’re called to, that’s what we have to solve at this convention as well.” By the way, he reaffirmed his interest in voting Apruebo and called on the centre to understand that if we go en masse to vote for the election of constituents, probably half of the body will be made up of representatives of that sector.

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