translated from Spanish: Cecilia Bolocco recalled her son’s complex state of health: “A piece of mine died”

The former Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco, spoke with Canal TV+ and referred to the complex moment she lived with her son Maximo Menem, who had a cancer brain cancer and fortunately was able to get ahead. Bolocco recounted that “with enormous strength, you do not know how we feel embraced and tucked away from so many people that I send us energy and many prayers. leaving the clinic when They had operated on Maximus I wanted to give a lecture and it was Maximus’ birthday and everyone sang him happy birthday, it was so exciting, he broke down at various times with this that happened to him. From the first minute I told him this was a great test. Along with being the biggest test, the most complex and hardest path, it has also been the most beautiful path of my life, for me it was a great teaching.” I had a tremendous moment of desolation, Maximus was discharged on Monday, November 19, and the next week I came back and what I was told was basically a sentence, but I had to go back to the house, I hadn’t told Maximus that I was going to the clinic, I met Pepo at the clinic that accompanied me to that consultation. When I came out I hugged him in tears, not so aware of what I had been told, and I said, Maximus has to live. That night a piece of me died, part of the Cecilia left forever,” he added. Finally, Bolocco stated that “thank God a Cecilia died who had to die at the time. The only way Maximus can get ahead is for me to be by his side convinced that’s how it’s going to be, and it was. I never broke again, I wouldn’t let myself into that dark tunnel.”

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