translated from Spanish: Colonies in red on CDMX

CDMX.- For next week’s priority care program, the Government of Mexico City changed 17 of the 158 colonies at red light. Although it was indicated that the number of cases decreased for those that came off the list, the contagion figures in each of them were not specified.
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These are the 17 colonies that are integrated from Wednesday:
Pilot Adolfo López Mateos, Alvaro Obregón
Pilot Adolfo López Mateos Expansion, Alvaro Obregón
El Rosario A (U Hab), Azcapotzalco
San Sebastian, Azcapotzalco
Ex Hacienda Coapa, Coyoacán
Pedregales de Santa Ursula I, Coyoacán
Former Peralvillo Racecourse, Cuauhtémoc
Center IV, Cuauhtémoc
Doctors I, Cuauhtémoc
Santa Maria la Ribera IV, Cuauhtémoc
CTM Atzacoalco (U Hab), Gustavo A. Madero
Extension Houses German II, Gustavo A. Madero
Carlos Zapata Vela, Iztacalco
Churubusco Walks, Iztapalapa
Daniel Garza Expansion, Miguel Hidalgo
From the South Sea, Tláhuac
Moctezuma 2nd Section IV, Venustiano Carranza

While the following 17 zones were removed from the list and will have monitoring and brigades, the authority indicated: 
Pedregal Gardens, Alvaro Obregón
Expansion Las Aguilas, Alvaro Obregón
Lomas de Capula, Alvaro Obregón
San Clemente, Alvaro Obregón
Arenal, Azcapotzalco
Tezozómoc, Azcapotzalco
Gabriel Hernández (AMPL II), Gustavo A. Madero
Candelaria Ticomán, Gustavo A. Madero
Martyrs of Rio Blanco, Gustavo A. Madero
Aculco, Iztapalapa
Ixtlahuacán, Iztapalapa
Las Peñas, Iztapalapa
San Juan Xalpa I, Iztapalapa
San Lorenzo I Valley, Iztapalapa
La Cruz, La Magdalena Contreras
The Fathers, The Magdalena Contreras
San Miguel Ajusco, Tlalpan

A total of 70 medical guidance kiosks and free trials will be available for the colonies in total. Your location can be queried

Original source in Spanish

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