translated from Spanish: IACHR asked the State of Chile to rule on the acquittal of Martín Larraín in hernán Canales hit-and-run

In September 2013 during the Fiestas Patrias, Martín Larraín, son of the former president of RN, ran over Hernán Canales causing his death in the commune of Curanipe, Maule Region. Years after what happened, on September 15, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) officiated the Chancellery to respond to its acquittal, giving a period of one month. The agency requested in 2015, after the case was internationally prosecuted, that the State of Chile rule. After this, the Canales family made new observations. This was explained by lawyer Gonzalo Bulnes, as consigned by Cooperativa. “The State of Chile denied some facts of evidence in its response. They gave us the opportunity to make observations and within them, we accompanied the background they were discussing and showing that Chile was not telling the truth.” In doing so, he noted that “our comments were strong and the IACHR decided to open discussions on the points, which is hopeful because this happens when the decision has been taken to prepare an international trial”. In this way, the jurist raised that there is “the possibility” of a “new trial against Martín Larraín” would be a year or a year and a half after the State of Chile delivered its response. If so, he argued that “we want to charge him with murder by omission, because he had a duty to assist Hernán (Canales) and not only let him die, but also not lower him from the barbed fence where he was hanged after being run over.”

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