translated from Spanish: Is IFE, AUH and AUE compatible with the Accompany Plan?

In recent weeks, the Government reported that it will launch a plan called the “Accompany Plan” for women victims of gender-based violence in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a new bonus of 17 thousand pesos for that segment of the population that is usually unprotected. People who prove the risk of gender-based violence through a social report of an official local, provincial or Autonomous City of Buenos Aires violence care device will receive an amount of 17,000 pesos per month for six consecutive periods. The program reaches residents of the country (native Argentine citizenship, by option or naturalized), foreigners with legal residence in the Argentine Republic not less than one year before the application and over eighteen years.Can I charge the Accompany Plan if I receive IFE, AUH or AUE?
Upon consultations, ANSES clarified that this plan is perfectly compatible with Universal Child Assignment (AUH), Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), Social Monotribute, Emergency Family Income (IFE), and work under the Special Work Contract Regime for Home Staff.
Those who receive income from work in relation to dependence in the public or private sector, mono-responsibility and self-employed persons are excluded from the benefit; non-reimbursable monetary benefit or benefit for employment and/or training purposes granted by the National State; retirements, pensions, or withdrawals of a contributory or non-contributory nature, whether national, provincial, municipal, or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; Universal Pension for the Eldest Adult; o Unemployment benefit.

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