translated from Spanish: Road Safety Agency already suspends reckless driving licences

The National Road Safety Agency and Hurlingham Municipality detected a driver who put other people and vehicles in the area at risk and suspended his license. As part of a meeting of old and exhibition cars held in La Plata, the 34-year-old violator was driving in a zigzagging, high-speed Chevy. A video shows him entering a fast track without respecting the movement of other vehicles, which is why they proceeded to suspend the license. Staff from the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), a body of the Ministry of Transport, identified a reckless driver who had a license based in Hurlingham Municipality.

From the ANSV they worked in conjunction with the jurisdiction, where the driver’s license was based, to suspend it. The offender must undergo a new psychophysical examination to determine if he or she is fit to drive again. The provisional suspension of the License is a measure that was created by the ANSV through Provision 384/2020, and aims to remove drivers who conduct very serious road safety behaviour from the streets and routes for the purposes of their reassessment by the transit authorities of each jurisdiction. So far it has been successfully applied for drivers of CABA, Mar del Plata, General Guido, Hurlingham, San Martín, Esteban Echeverría, Vicente López, San Isidro, Quilmes, La Matanza and Paso de la Patria.
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