translated from Spanish: Anses: Who charges today Friday, October 2nd?

As at the beginning of each month, the National Social Security Administration (Anses) reported on the October timetable for the payment of pensions and pensions, non-contributory pensions, beneficiaries of universal child and pregnancy allowance, Unemployment Benefit and Family and Single Payment Allowances (Marriage, Birth and Adoption). The payment schedule for retirees and pensioners will be divided into two. The first round will be for those who receive less than $20,374 and who begin to receive the benefit from Thursday 8 to Thursday, October 22.

As of Friday the 23rd will charge the rest of the beneficiaries, i.e. those who receive an amount greater than $20,374 pesos. 

While these people do not have to request a pre-shift to collect the benefit, they must approach the bank branch only on the assigned date. It should be remembered that the credit will remain deposited into your accounts. For those who collect the Non-Contributory Pension today, those who end their ID would be accessing it in 2 and 3.

All other benefits will begin to be paid from 8 October and will begin according to the designation of the last ID number. Eating for those who your document ends in 0. 

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