translated from Spanish: America’s DNA says Cordova will be the key to Pumas

Mexico.- America’s midfielder Sebastian Córdova warned this Friday that the instinct not to stop fighting that the team possesses is the DNA that will propel them to come out with a triumph in the weekend game against the Pumas UNAM.» America has a special DNA of never lowering its arms to the end and that helps us to get results, the secret is never to stop fighting no matter the situation on the court,» confessed the Mexican player of America in conference.
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America receives this Saturday the Pumas in duel corresponding to the 13th day of the Guard1anes 2020. This match is one of the «derbis» his team has in Mexico City, the other being against Cruz Azul, who tied 0-0 on the 12th date.

The 23-year-old midfielder assured that because of the «classic» label this meeting has, America has an obligation to give satisfaction to its followers.
It is a capital classic with a lot of claw that is played very hard and we have confidence in getting well fought. We have to go out and propose and convinced to win. We tell the guy to be calm because we’re going to leave everything on the court,» he stressed.

The Mexican was confident in the performance of the Americanist defense despite the absences of its usual power plants. Paraguayan Bruno Váldez, injured with the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee, absent from date six; Argentine Emanuel Aguilera, injured the aductor; as well as Uruguayan Sebastián Cáceres, tendinitis; are the casualties of the Eagles.
We are the America and we have to solve and know that no matter who is on the court will do well, because in this team that is the requirement. We have high quality players and as always we will face.»

Sebastian Córdova during a match with America/Jam Media

America reaches the duel against Pumas with a six-match winning streak without knowing the defeat, which began in round seven, since then it has accumulated four wins and two draws. They also boast the best offense of the contest with 22 goals; his opponent has the second best artillery with 21.America marching third in the 2020 Open with 24 points; Pumas is fourth and 23.

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