translated from Spanish: For the murder of a driver total bus stop in the west

Following the assassination of a driver of line 378, of the company Almafuerte, on Thursday night in the match of La Matanza, the Union of Motor Transporters (UTA) announced a bus stoppage for this Friday. The violent episode occurred around 22 at the intersection of Rio Orinoco and Israel streets in the San Javier neighborhood. Witnesses said gunshots were heard from outside the unit. In that instant, the driver vanished and the vehicle ended up on the side of a tree. The force measure is in principle for 24 hours and affects more than 40 bus lines. Companions of the victim, identified as Pablo Flores, held a demonstration that ended with a cut over Avenida General Paz altura Alberdi, where they cut off the accesses in both hands. Around 2 p.m. this Friday, hours before the picket, the Protestants approached the 3rd South Police Station in Viceroy del Pino, where there was a strong crossing with police officers. Dozens of drivers in the west also cut the National Route No. 3, at the height of km 45, where the murder occurred. 
The union called on «the authorities immediate and absolute commitment to providing the safety that workers need and the necessary and essential conditions to continue to fulfill an essential task for society in the midst of this distressing pandemic.»

Finally, the UTA requests that the Minister of Security of Bonaerense, Sergio Berni, be present at the protest to offer solutions.

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