translated from Spanish: From the White House to the hospital: Trump was hospitalized for «caution» after coronavirus contagion

U.S. President Donald Trump was transferred to a military hospital out of «caution» after positive for COVID-19 last morning

The representative walked to the South Garden of the White House before boarding the Marine One helicopter, in his first public appearance after positive for COVID-19. In front of the television cameras, Trump left the presidential mansion with a mask, greeting and raising his thumb.
«President Trump remains in good spirits, has mild symptoms and has been working throughout the day. As a precaution and on the recommendation of his physician and experts, the president will work from the presidential offices of Walter Reed in the coming days,» White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said earlier in a statement.
Previously, White House physician Sean Conley had reported that the U.S. representative is in «fatigue,» that he has «good spirits,» and that he received a dose of experimental treatment with a synthetic cocktail of antibodies for coronavirus.
«It’s being evaluated by a team of experts and together they’re going to make their recommendations on the next steps to follow for the president and the first lady,» Conley added.
Trump, who has repeatedly denied the severity of the pandemic, announced in the early morning on Twitter that he and the first lady, Melania, tested positive for coronavirus and will be quarantined.
The representative is receiving treatment for Regeneron, an experimental treatment that has not yet received approval from regulatory authorities.
This week Regeneron announced preliminary results of an indovenous treatment that reduces virus load and recovery time in non-hospitalized patients.
The White House doctor added that the 74-year-old who is overweight – is taking vitamins, zinc, melatonin to sleep and an aspirin a day. Meanwhile, Conley indicated that the first lady is fine and only has a slight cough and headache.

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