translated from Spanish: Gibrán Ramírez Reyes challenges results of INE survey for voter fraud

Mexico City.-The candidate for the leadership of Morena, Gibrán Ramírez Reyes, presented to the National Electoral Institute (INE) a JDC (Judgment for the Protection of the Citizen’s Electoral Political Rights), in which he asks the Electoral Court to postpone the Open Survey until the feasibility of the results of the so-called Recognition Survey , technically by experts outside surveying houses, contrasting the final report with the
methodological document. The methodology with which the recognition survey was conducted lacked rigor and objectivity. It was characterized by opacity and lack of attachment to the terms with which it was originally raised, Ramirez Reyes said.
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He added that «survey companies were unable to complete half of the surveys, reducing the certainty of the results. The INE and the surveying companies act in bad faith by not providing complete information on how the exercise was conducted.» The first grievance presented in the document concerns the «violation of its political right to be voted on, because the results presented by the Committee on Prerogatives and Political Parties dated 30 September transcend the constitutional principle of legal certainty». According to the document, the process of preparing, performing and grading the results of the recognition survey is not verifiable, reliable and authentic. The document expressed the issues that, as a whole, violated the principles of certainty and legal certainty by not providing a standard of reliability to which the results of the Recognition Survey should be subject: methodology; lack of certainty in the sample framework interviewed; survey and results (surveys raised, such as comparative trend criterion, irregularity of sympathy, uneseen weighting criterion, inequity by differentiated coefficients). The second grievance was filed for «the violation of the constitutional principles of certainty and legal certainty, transparency and access to public information and maximum publicity, fortransgresing its electoral political right to vote and being voted in the internal Process of Morena».

Original source in Spanish

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