translated from Spanish: Irregularities in Middle Class Bonus: ANEF noted that “there is a political responsibility of the Government”

This day the president of the Group of Tax Employees (ANEF), José Pérez, referred to the data revealed by the SII on the Middle Class Bonus indicating that there would be 437,703 dependent workers and 37,100 would be state officials who accessed the benefit without meeting the requirements. The leader stated that he “comes to confirm the follow-up of mistakes that the Government has made in this irresponsibility of putting its foot first on the accelerator in the bill, and that what it does is confirm that in the design and mis implementation of a benefit – which effectively has to be citizen-oriented – today lends itself to confusion and political manipulation of some sectors that want to discredit the role of the state and public servants.” we have also said that today there is an investigation of the Republic’s own General Contraloy, which will allow us to see what those aspects we are pointing out are, that they are the design deficit and the technical aspects that this system has that it debuted in an accelerated way in a dissulting process and that it was only after it was law that some modifications were incorporated by the Internal Revenue Service” Added. Pérez also stated that “there is a political responsibility of the Government, the Minister of Finance and the director of the Internal Revenue Service.” In the same line, the HELMSO helmsman supplemented that “we too have carefully anticipated that for those who made a mistake they have the space to be able to reverse that situation, but in a good way, in good practice. The design of poor public policy has these consequences, when they are harmful and hasty.” The portal gave space for everyone to weigh, according to the information requested, and in that line what we are pointing out is that the design and implementation, as the official association themselves said, was hasty, pardoned, and that is why some people surely did it unconsciously, involuntarily, but it cannot be a harmful threat a priori , without even having completed the information of the investigation itself being carried out by the audit body which is the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Attorney General,” he explained. Pérez stated that “how half a million workers will be arranged to expropriate, intervene and benefit from public resources. There is a bad design, there is a bad technique and put into everyone’s sight.” What’s right is, if someone made an involuntary mistake, well, they’ll have to reintegrate according to what the procedures and deadlines are, which we think is right, a good way,” he said.

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