translated from Spanish: One man kissed her boyfriend in Palermo and three others beat them to death

A pitiful episode had to be lived by a couple who were attacked on a twine wednesday night in Palermo for a homophobic attack. Paul and Cristian stopped in Aráoz in 1900 to kiss but three men caught them in the back and beat and insulted them for being homosexual. Now, they search for witnesses and check the security cameras in the area to find the whereabouts of the assailants who managed to escape.
«We were in a part that was a little darker. We stop, we kissed, we were hugging each other and we were attacked with treason, from behind,» Paul said in dialogue with they recounted, Cristian tried to protect his boyfriend, asked not to be beaten, and ended up getting hit hard with a stick on his head that caused him to fall to the ground. «My boyfriend shielded me, hooked her up for me. He was a hero because he said ‘don’t touch him’ and he protected me,» Paul said. He added: «I was pushed and only tracked but he does have wounds on his knees, legs, arms, elbows and hands.» At the time, the couple believed it was a piranha robbery so they were waiting to be asked for their belongings, however it was all about aggression on their own. They wanted to beat us to. If we didn’t start screaming for the police and all the neighbors came out on the balconies and stopped them, I don’t know what could have happened,» he acknowledged. As the victims of this attack recalled, the aggressors were three men, between the age of 20 and 30, one of them blond, one Moorish and a third they do not remember. The couple were helped by the neighbors. «The City is full of cops, but we asked for an cash to come and it didn’t show up. They called 911 and they didn’t come, but within 20 minutes a patrol car passed and we stopped it,» said Pablo, who lamented that «people went on the run.» Victims of the attack filed a complaint at the City Police Police 14A Neighborhood Police Station. The case was in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in criminal, counterventional and misrespecting number 8, by prosecutor Dr. Maximiliano Vence.La City Police characterized the case as «minor injuries» and clarified a detail that subsequently generated the outrage of the couple: «It was only a homophobic act.» When I got home, I saw that way they had to write that it was ‘just a homophobic act.’ They don’t understand any context, no perspective, it was just that, they didn’t rob us, they injured us for who we are,» Paul said.» My boyfriend’s lying down, he’s super active, he’s depressed. The message is strong from the subjective and from the personal: to be fucked for who we are and what we are doing on public roads, which is nothing different from what anyone else does,» he said. The investigation will now be carried out by the prosecutor’s office specializing in discrimination by prosecutor Mariela De Minicis.

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