translated from Spanish: Starts Red Cross collection

Start red cross collection. With a simple act that took place at the Red Cross relief post, the annual collection of the benevolent institution was launched. The graduate Jesús Hernández, secretary of the city council, made the official declaration of the initiation of the noble crusade. The official made an exhortation addressed to the entire town of the municipality of Ahome, and even from other adjoining municipalities, to respond to the call that the Red Cross is making.
Immediately the day after, the collection brigades, made up of second-school campus students and leaders of the Priist youth, took to the streets. The two ambulances with their sirens announced to the population the beginning of the day and their dramatic ulular was, on this occasion, the call for help. Youth participation in this crusade is valuable and decisive.
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They set out CU plans. The projects of what will be the University City, both in the academic aspect and the facilities that it will have for the teaching of the professorships, were exhibited by the rector of the UAS, Dr. Gonzalo Armienta Calderón, and the architect Mario Colmenares, during a meeting. Before representatives of active sectors, the rector made a succinct presentation of the functions currently performed by our highest studio house and its projection into the future. Nixon conferenced Tito. Belgrade. US President and first Yugoslav representative Josep Broz Tito lectured for about two hours, in an “open” environment to exchange views on the Middle East crisis, the Vietnamese conflict, and other global problems. Nixon then made a brief visit to the state of Croatia, with the purpose of knowing the population where Tito was born and being the subject of the welcome government official, greeting his admirers by hand. Baby for Felix’s Lolis. Ms. Dolores Hays de Félix, wife of the well-known businessman Rubén Félix, was the subject of a meeting, which was offered by Mrs. Amparo de Herrera. Congratulations and good wishes that the advent of the new heir is recorded with all adventure and happiness, were expressed to the accommodating, who was pleased and corresponded to the sincere displays of affection of the attendees, who brought nice gifts for the baby.2 October 1995  
Harmful electric tariffs. Demonstrations against high electricity tariffs are rising in the major cities of Sinaloa. Rightly so, users demand that the tarife 1E be applied, with which they would obtain a greater subsidy. The movement against the CFE or rather against the Treasury, which ultimately determines the price of electricity, is most intensely carried out in the north of the state. Sinaloa is a state with high ambient temperatures in summer, very similar to those of Hermosillo and Mexicali.Veta “Marcos” to the media. Chiapas. Deputy Commander Marcos once again vetoed various Mexican media outlets and prevented him from entering a meeting with the Concorde and Pacification Commission. The media veted by the guerrilla leader later learned that the deputy commander would give a press conference to previously selected media on the outcome of the meeting between the armed group and Cocopa. The meeting was held in La Realidad, municipality of Las Margaritas.  Guilty of terrorism Egyptian sheikh. New York. Pastor Omar Abdel-Rahman was convicted of a seditious association for plotting various terrorist attacks in New York and could face a life sentence. The Sheikh and nine others were prosecuted in complicity for their role in a plot to execute explosive attacks on UN headquarters, the Lincoln and Hudson bridges, as well as responsible for the bombing at the World Trade Center in February 1993.

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